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High Quality Weather Monitoring Solutions

CWi Technical Ltd manufacture and integrate high quality field and research grade weather stations for agriculture, agricultural research, agrochemical trials and research institutes around the world. We provide everything you need for field instrumentation for your project or trial, and we also specialise in networked systems and have the capability for extensive system management worldwide.

Our Weather product portfolio extends to include:

  • Weather Stations
  • Data Management
  • Equipment Management
  • Equipment Hire
  • Consultancy

Weather Stations

We have a base range of weather stations which are tailored towards agrochemical and agricultural field trials. These can accommodate a range of sensors depending on the quality requirement and budget. All our weather stations are capable of being integrated into our automated data service and data store. If you use our data store, and opt in to our data share system, you can also gain access to other data shared units around the world. Find out more about CWi Data Share HERE.

Field Trials Assistant  
Compact Weather Unit  
3G Real Time Station  
Fast Deployment RT Station  
Bespoke Integrations to customer specification  

All our units are designed to be easy to install in the field, with modular components that can be added or removed. All systems are solar powered and can operate endlessly without the need for additional power [units located at far northern and southern points on the globe are suitably equipped with wind power solutions for extended periods of darkness, and have significant battery reserves and redundancy built in].

We have an extnesive range of suppliers which means we can tailor your systems to specific sensors so that you focus on the most important aspects of your field trials properly. Additionally, if you have a specific sensor requirement, we can ensure it is incorporated into the system you purchase.

Data Management

At the heart of our business is our data centre. Our philosophy from the outset was to create a web based data system that allowed multi-national companies to share field data across divisions and businesses, without the need for any special software or knowledge. We built our system based on this philosophy, and today we have thousands of users across the world. In this advancing world, the technology available for field instrumentation is changing rapidly, and the requirements are becoming ever more complex. We pre-program our systems to be compliant with our data network should you choose to use our extensive data managemernt facilities.

  • Web based access to your data 24/7/365
  • Multiple users at no extra cost
  • User type and access restrictions available
  • Configure your remote system online in real time through our system
  • Email and SMS alert system available for every parameter on your unit, configured by you for all your users.
  • Data Download to excel and monthly summary sheets available.
  • Custom reporting available
  • EvapoTranspiration Data service for compatible units
  • System reporgramming available subject to system compatibility
  • Automated data offloads for GSM units available
  • Smartphone control for android phones
  • Option for real time data on compatible units.

In short, our data management system provides everything in one place so you can concentrate on your core business.

Equipment Management

As well as managing your data, we can also offer a complete management solution which covers your system from purchase throughout its operating life. We have 10 years experience in providing the complete package:

  • Equipment installation and site change management
  • Annual service and calibration
  • Emergency repair
  • Out of service storage, and pre installation servicing

In short, we can manage your stock of equipment, and ensure that you have systems avaiulable for trials when you need them.

Equipment Hire

If you don't have equipment available, or have a short term requirement (less than 18 months), we have a stock of research grade hire stations which include high accuracy temperature, humidity, solar and wond sensors, as well as the renowned Delta-T Theta Probe soil moisture sensors. We have competitive rates for monthly hire, and we also manage their installation and retrieval, as well as options for field insurance. Stock is continually changing however so it is wise to order in advance for our hire units.


Often our clients need to assess what is possible before committing to a system. We can provide a consultancy service to assist you in tender specifications and also in experimental design based on our extensive and detailed knowledge of the field trials instrumentation industry.
CWi Technical Ltd - Monitoring equipment for field trials
High quality field weather stations for research
ideal for agrochemical, seed and irrigation trials
Relaible equipment gives us a 99% data success rate
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Full onine system access is class and industry leading for the sector
Whatever your requirement, and however harsh the environment, we can provide the right equipment
Whatever the weather, we deliver!
CWi Technical Ltd is a globally accessible company
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